Silversea – Booking Reassurance Guarantee


The safety, security and comfort of our guests, partners and crew is always our top priority. At this time, both the shipboard as well as the shore side staff at Silversea are continuously monitoring the evolving situation of the spread of the Coronavirus (Covid-19). We would like to share with you a series of important actions we are taking, following the advice of all available governmental authorities and other experts, to best manage this situation and to provide some peace of mind.

We are also announcing a significant change to our cancellation policies designed to reassure booked guests and attract new bookings over coming weeks.

Sanitation on board our fleet:

Our incredible staff are continuously cleaning surfaces around the ships. We are using very strong anti-viral chemicals to assure that all surfaces of the ships are clean all the time. There are further enhanced procedures to make sure that the staff are sanitizing equipment carts and themselves when moving from cleaning one cabin to the next.

Assuring healthy passengers on board of our ships:

Silversea has prescribed mandatory secondary health screenings for any guest, supplier/contractor or crewmember coming on board our ships. Very strict protocols have been put in place by our medical team and our medical staff have all the diagnostic tools available to make sure that nobody showing signs of illness is allowed on board. Please also note that we are contacting all embarking passengers prior to them travelling to check their travel arrangements, rerouting them in case they were to travel through a region or airport considered at risk.

We have daily calls between our shore side staff and a group of professionals appointed by Royal Caribbean to continuously monitor the spread of the virus and collect all available information from Government sources including the CDC, the WHO and many others. This information is used to continuously update the list of countries which are considered at risk. You will find the most updated list of countries and constantly updated information on

The inclusion or exclusion of countries and/or regions on the list comes out of the analysis of governmental advisories and a series of data such as number of active cases, number of new cases overnight, and percentage of the population tested positive for Coronavirus Covid-19, among other things.

Any guest, supplier or crew member who has travelled to, from or through any of the countries at risk during the last 15 days won’t be allowed to board any Silversea ship.

Last but not least, Silversea has cancelled, until further notice, all non-compulsory visitors, scheduled sales events and lunches on the ships.

Port access and itineraries:

Our ports and itineraries team are continuously monitoring all of the itineraries and upcoming ports of call for in order to be able to adjust the itineraries and assure a great cruise experience for our guests. Their monitoring will allow them to make timely changes should ports come up with new restrictions regarding cruise ships or should a ship’s originally scheduled itinerary include a “risky” area. So far itinerary changes have been very limited.

We have eased our New Booking and Cancellation Policies:

We understand that our guests, your customers, may be very confused by the continuous media reporting on this virus. Going on a Silversea cruise should never be a source of anxiety, for this reason we have temporarily relaxed our new booking and cancellation policies to allow you to ease the mind of your customers and allow them more time to decide whether to travel or not in this fluid situation.

  • For all booked guests sailing between today and May 31st our normal cancellation policies apply. The only exception is our voyage 6008 on Silver Muse on the 18th April where we have amended the itinerary. We will be happy to assist you with rebooking or issuing a Future Cruise Credit for the monies paid for the cruise fare, should your guest elect not to travel now.
  • For all booked guests as well as new reservations on new cruises sailing between June 1st and December 31st, 2020 they will be allowed to cancel any time until 30 days prior to departure just paying the customary administrative fee.
  • While Silversea will do its best to obtain relaxed cancellation policies in alignment with ours from our partners, including airlines and land tour operators, we cannot guarantee that we will succeed, so please note that non-cruise components of the trip might have different terms and conditions from those of Silversea.
  • No changes vs. standard Silversea’s payment terms

We trust that the above should help giving piece of mind to your customers.

Information on Covid-19:

We understand how challenging it must be to follow all the information that is presented by media every day. The best way to help your customers take the right decisions is to share hard facts around this flu. We have collected key information from the main official sources here for you to have all updated information handy in one place:

Thank you so much for the support you have provided our mutual guests at this difficult time and rest assured we are determined to work closely with you on recovering sales as best we can over coming weeks and months.


Warm regards,


Peter Shanks

Managing Director – UK, Ireland, Middle East and Africa