RCI Travel Regulation Change | 70+ & Europe Travel


While details related to Coronavirus (COVID-19) continue to evolve and new travel restrictions are put in place, we’ve made changes to our travel regulation & health screenings. Here’s what’s changed:

Starting March 16th, 2020, in order to sail:

  • If guests are over the age of 70 at the time of embarkation, they must present a doctor’s letter stating that they’re healthy and fit to travel. Guests must bring this letter which must certify they have no severe, chronic medical conditions. Physician Letter: https://www.royalcaribbean.com/content/dam/royal/resources/pdf/rccl-approved-physician-letter.pdf
  • Guests of all ages will be screened prior to boarding, regarding underlying issues (chronic heart, lung, liver, or kidney disease, diabetes, HIV/AIDS, or cancer).
  • If a guest is unable to provide a fit to travel letter from their doctor or has a severe, chronic medical condition, we’ll provide them with a Future Cruise Credit to come back and sail with us at a later time.

In addition to our current travel regulation, now, regardless of nationality, boarding will be denied to:

  • Any person who has traveled from, to, or through mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau, Iran, South Korea, or Europe (excluding the United Kingdom) 15 days prior to embarkation.