P&O Cruises Update 12th August 2020


We are currently dealing with P&O Cruises Sailings up to and including the 01st October 2020


P&O Cruises extends pause to mid-November and cancels long cruises following FCO guidance
In an acknowledgement of Foreign & Commonwealth Office (FCO) guidance P&O Cruises has extended its pause in operations until November 12, 2020 and also cancelled two long itineraries due to depart in January 2021.

What are the cruises that are cancelled in the pause?  (Including previously paused cruises)

Aurora: R003, R004, R005, R006, R007, R008, R009, R010, R011, R012, R013, R014, R015, R016, R017, R018, R019, R020, R101

Azura: A006, A006A, A007N, A008N, A009, A010, A011, A012, A013, A014, A015, A016, A017, A018, A019, A020, A021, A021A, A022, A022A

Britannia: B006, B006A, B006B, B006C, B006D, B007, B007A, B008, B009, B010, B011, B012, B013, B014, B015, B016, B017, B018, B019, B020, B021, B022, B023, B024, B024A, B024B, B025, B025A, B025B

Iona: G003,G004, G005, G006, G007, G008, G009, G010, G010A, G010B, G011, G012, G013, G014, G015, G016, G017, G018, G019, G020, G021, G022, G023, G024, G025

Oceana: E006N, E007P, E007C, E009, E009A, E009B, E009C,E010, E010A, E010B,E010C, E011, E011A, E011B, E011C, E012, E012A, E012B, E012C, E013, E013A, E013B, E013C, E014, E014A, E014B, E014C, E015, E015A, E015B, E015C, E016, E016A, E016B, E016C, E017, E017A, E017B, E017C, E018, E018A, E018B, E018C, E019, E019A, E019B, E019C, E020, E020A, E020B, E020C, E021, E021A, E021B, E021C, E022, E022A, E022B, E022D, E022E, E023, E023A, E023B

Ventura: N004, N005, N006, N007, N008, N009, N010, N011, N012, N013, N014, N015, N016, N017, N018, N019, N020, N021, N022, N023, N023, N024, N025, N026, N027, N028, N029, N030, N031, N032, N033, N034, N035

Arcadia: J002, J003, J004, J005, J006, J007, J008, J009, J010, J011, J012, J013, J014, J015, J101,  JTU, JTV, JTW, JUW, JUX, JUY, JVT, JWX, JWY, JWT, JXZ, JXT, JYT, JZT