Costa Update 06th July 2020



Genoa, July 3rd, 2020 – Costa announces a further pause for all its cruises until August 15th 2020 and the cancellation of all cruises in Northern Europe for the remainder of the 2020 summer season.

The commercial condition for these cancellation remain the same as for the previous cancellations.

The decision is linked to the uncertainty on the gradual reopening of ports to cruise ships and the restrictions that may still be in place for the movements of people due to the Covid-19 global pandemic.

In addition, the Company is also communicating the cancellation of all future cruises of Costa Victoria.

Costa is taking steps to inform both travel agents and guests affected by these changes. They will be guaranteed a reprotection in accordance with the applicable legislation, which offers the highest guarantee in this contingency situation.

In the meantime, Costa is working alongside all relevant Authorities to define health protocols for a potential restart of cruises as soon as possible.